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  • Vocals: Jeff
  • Guitar: Dom
  • Bass: Dougie
  • Drums: Scottie P




“An “all-star” band featuring Jeff from Breakdown on vocals, and members of Day Of Mourning, Commin’ Correct, Wake Up Cold, Next Step Up. The Slumlords are no strangers to the HC scene!”
"It's hard to deny the fresh spirit on this, it's like the ten years of stale reiteration that has plagued American Oi were blasted away after about the first eight measures." - Gangup.Net
In a scene littered with metal disguised as hardcore, pop-rock disguised as punk, Baltimore's Slumlords are rapidly gaining worldwide popularity because of their direct style of straight-up old-fashioned hardcore and street punk. Having paid their dues for many years in such bands as Breakdown, Day Of Mourning, Comin' Correct, Wake Up Cold, Next Step Up, and Stout, their sound can be described as traditional 1980's Hardcore with a lot of Street Punk and Oi thrown into the mix.
In a time where music is angry just for sake of being angry, Slumlords are bringing it back and making it fun for everyone. Whether it's a song about being stuck in the drudgery of the 9-5 world, or a song about walking your dog, they represent real-life situations that everyone can relate to. Every song is an anthem that has kids piling up at the front of the stage to sing along.
With their 2003 demo constantly selling out, Slumlords are ready to take things to the next level. Their 16-track, self-titled debut recording has been completed and is ready for release on Perfect Victim Records (5/3/04). Many fans think that hardcore and punk music now exists in a "dream land", so it better prepare for reality to provide a much-needed slap in the face.