Run Devil Run
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  • Vocals: Don Foose
  • Guitar: Kevin
  • Bass: Mike Ski
  • Drums: Richie


Sinking Deeper


  • The Killing Civilization

    Run Devil Run

    The Killing Civilization


Run Devil Run is a band that was created in April '98 as a side project featuring members of The Spudmonsters, In Cold Blood and Brother's Keeper. The 4 piece project never had an organized band rehearsal. Kevin (from Detroit) would drive to Cleveland to write with Don & Richie and wrote the entire album together in just 3 sessions. Mike would drive, from Erie PA to do his bass parts later. As they wrote the songs, they would record them immediately. Out of the 3 writing sessions they came up with 12 originals and covered the legendary Cro-Mags "Life Of My Own".
This project was done with the intention to bring back the "Old School" feel the way it was when bands like A.F., The Cro-Mags & The Bad Brains ruled the scene. With songs based on self-realization they firmly stand behind this project as every song depicts deep meaning within their lives.
In February 1999 Run Devil Run toured Europe with Pro Pain and due to the feedback of this tour they have been asked to play some of the European festivals in 1999 such as Dynamo Open Air and the Dour Festival.
And now we are very proud to release their second full length record "Sinking Deeper". 12 old school hardcore songs with covers from Gorilla Biscuits and Cro-Mags.
Both Run Devil Run Cd's were licensed out to Victory Records for the USA at the time.