Right Direction
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  • Vocals: Dave
  • Guitar: Maurice
  • Guitar: Boris
  • Bass: Daniel
  • Drums: Chris


Bury The Hatchet


Right Direction started in 1989. Back then bands like DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front, Excel were their biggest musical influences. In 1991 and 1992 Right Direction released 2 vinyl e.p.’s, both sold out within a short period and have become real collectors-items nowadays. In 1993 the band released their debut-cd “How Many More Lies” through german-based label Old World Records. In 1993 the bands does their first tour with N.Y.Hardcore pioneers Yuppicide. In 1994 Right Direction signed to Lost and Found and released a split 7”. In january 1995 “All Of A Sudden” is released and is a real hardcore-classic. That same year Right Direction does more than a 100(!) shows all over Europe. They tour with hardcore giants such as Warzone (3 week tour) and SlapShot (9 week tour). 1996 is the year for musical experience. Vocalist Dave released a record with his new band $400 Suits through Century Media and does a 7 week european tour with Pro-Pain. Guitarist Maurice released 3 cd’s with his extravagant new band Demon Joker Junior. Eindhoven based label Lighttown Records release a Right Direction compilation with all their 7”-s (6), some cover-tunes and live recordings taken from shows in Berlin and Munich. In 1997 Right Direction decided to make a new record which is released through KingFisher and is called “To Right The Wrong”(1998). The new album is a serious hit-killer and the band plays at Dynamo Open Air, Pinkpop festival, Dour, Sjock festival and again Right Direction is heading for an european tour with Backfire! and 25taLife. 20 march of 1999 Richy Backfire! (who was Right Direction’s drummer from 1989 – 1992) commits suicide which has a big influence on the M-Town Rebels. The whole M-Town hardcore scene needs a break. At the end of 1999 Right Direction is ready to record a new album. “Bury The Hatchet” is the title from their new masterpiece and the band is proud to announce that I Scream Records will release their new-born-baby. A year after one of the bands best friends death, “Bury The Hatchet” will hit the stores. The new album is 100% original. No other band sounds like Right Direction.
Words cannot explain how good the new songs are. Listen to “Bury The Hatchet” over and over again and get infected with 11 new catchy, melodic, sing-a-long anthems.