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  • Vocals & Guitar: Hans Stevens
  • Guitar: Jonas Maes
  • Bass: Tom
  • Organ: Rafke Stevens
  • Drums: Stef De Rijcke


7 Day Weekend


Belgium’s most legendary rock band is back. After years of silence –that is, say, outside their rehearsel room- Paranoiacs made their ultimate come back in the beginning of this year with the air crushing hit Back from Nowhere. Clearly, nothing had changed: the combination of lead singer Hans Stevens’ genuine melodic voice with the jet power driven punk rock tunes the band has been famous for ever since its foundation in 1984, got The Paranoiacs in no time back where they belong: i.e. on top of Belgium’s rock hierarchy.
Obviously, their huge fanbase had been anxiously waiting for new material: while Back from Nowhere wasn’t even officially released, the official come back track became a massive hit on Belgium’s rock radio stations. Hence, last summer the legendary garage rock five piece appeared on even more festival bills than back in their heydays in 1991, when they opened the world famous Pukkelpop festival. It shouldn’t be a big surprise the band was soon signed by Brussels based I Scream Records, home of Europe’s best hardcore and punk bands. Well aware of the fact that the fans just couldn’t wait any longer, Flander’s first and last garage rock kings invaded the well known Ace Studios in Aartselaar, Antwerp, to record their first album since the international critically acclaimed Thirteen record (’92).
It is fall’s honour to deliver the result of those recording sessions. 7 Day Weekend is a killer record from the coolest rock band of the Lowlands. It’s kick ass time again for Belgian rock music! Allready, this breathtaking comeback soundtrack is called one of the highlights of Belgium’s booming music scene. The ravishing pop tune In my eye, for instance, features Paranoiacs in a breathtaking deathmatch with Satan. Guess who won. The raw, energetic Born a Sinner on its part, is the all time garage rock classic The Sonics never got to write. Seven Day Weekend also features the frenzy Fishy, which insiders enthousiastically refer to as ‘Johnny Cash on speed’, as well as the futuristic love anthem and new single 2009. And don’t forget the ska-influenced Rock ’n Roll Show, where The Clash teams up with the Dead Boys, and the bollocks burning speedpunk of Bad Feelings! Also on the track list: Jonas Song, the comeback anthem Back From Nowhere, the blood boiling summer break out theme Dog Day Afternoon, Shake me up, I want it now and 2 a.m.
One thing’s for sure: with the raging 7 Day Weekend –no doubt their best album to date- Paranoiacs prove once again why they were able to demolish the Belgian music standards back in 1987. This is punk rock pur sang that rips your ears off and then hammers the message home. So sink your teeth into this massive rebirth album and spread the word!