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  • Vocals & Guitar: Matt
  • Bass: Chrissy
  • Drums: Anthony


New England Is Sinking


Deathkiller burst out of the stalls in the spring of 2006 with one of the years most memorable demos, exhibiting an obvious love of classic American hardcore, traditional rock dynamics and a scathing, passionate message. Their songs, frenetic live show and straight ahead approach quickly garnered the Connecticut trio attention from big press, national acts and reputable labels. On their hotly anticipated debut full-length release, New England Is Sinking, singer/guitarist Matt McIntosh expounds on nearly two decades of punk rock groundwork with a dozen compelling cuts of rock driven, hardcore fury that are drawn together by lyrics that show as much vitriol and vehemence as they do compassion and social conscience. With so little in common with past bands like Hatebreed or Most Precious Blood, it's easy to forget that McIntosh and drummer Anthony Realbuto did time with both those big names, respectively. With so huge a sound it's hard to believe that with sure fisted bassist Christina Chiaramonte, the band is but a three-piece. With their album New England Is Sinking, it's easy to hear that Deathkiller recall an era of American hardcore when you could see the jagged bones of punk and rock sticking through its new skin, and inject something very potent, very new and all their own.