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  • Vocals: Peter
  • Guitar: Francis
  • Guitar: Marc
  • Bass: Larry
  • Drums: Guts


Have A Nice Life


Mug-Shot started around September 1996. Originally Francis & Marc started as Decent Crime & with another drummer (Steve Van Avermaet). After about 2 months we had Larry in the band, he came up with Mug-Shot as band name. He had just left Out For Blood by moving to Antwerp. We had tried several singers, but didn' t really find what we were looking for until Peter (a friend of Marc) joined the band.
During the following months (January and February 1997) we lost our original drummer and we had to move 3 times to different rehearsal places. Just before our friends from Eightball (RIP) offered us a place in their rehearsal studio, we got Guts involved in Mug-Shot. He still was in Fight Indifference too. He was the kind of drummer we were looking for. After about 5 or 6 months with the 5 of us together & with the back-up support from Eightball at that time we started doing our first shows.
Around August 1997 we decided to record a demo-tape to spread our music, because we had had a lot of positive reactions. We made & sold 300 tapes in about 8 weeks. At that time we were contacted by I Scream Records to participate on the I Scream compilation "You Gotta Know What You Stand For". Again we received a lot of positive reactions.
Since then, Mug-Shot has been doing a lot of shows, not only in Belgium, we also got the change to do some shows in Holland & France. Most of the bands we played with are: 25 Ta Life, Backfire!, Kickback, The Spudmonsters, Pro-Pain, DRI, Commin Correct, Blood For Blood, Right Direction, Hard Resistance, Congress, Backstabbers,....
Very soon, Guts realised that he couldn' t combine 2 bands and he decided to leave his band Fight Indifference. Mug-Shot at this time had shows almost every week-end, and we were working very hard on new material.
Early 1998 we signed a record deal with I Scream Records. Our last composed & probably favourite songs were also ready to put on our debut album. Silence, Hatechild, Victim are technically better & heavier than the songs we started with, but hey you gotta start somewhere !
Have A Nice Life was recorded in April 1998 at the Midas Studio and was produced by Tony De Block.