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  • Vocals: Stephen
  • Guitar: Darren
  • Guitar: David
  • Bass: Alessandro
  • Drums: Mark


Twelve Ways To Breathe


With their debut US release “Twelve Ways To Breathe” Irish-Italian rockers Morello are ready to shatter the cult of posers and fakes that dominate the so called “scenes” of American youth culture. Finally the dis-enfranchised have something real to believe in.
We are sick to death of ten a penny haircut bands peddling the “I’m so depressed because my girlfriend left me line” explains Steve. For us music has always been about challenging false perceptions, being true to your self and giving hope to those who need it. We wanted to make a record that would empower the weak, ease the burdened, inspire the settler and shatter the self imposed mediocrity of modern living.
Twelve ways to Breathe is our call to arms, a personal dictate that forbids us from accepting the mundane and the average. We are all capable of so much more if we examine our lives, believe in ourselves and reject the hecklers, pessimists and charlatans that want to hold us down. Time to Breathe!
Morello have spent the last year blazing a trail across North America enthralling crowds from coast to coast with a cathartic live performance that has seen them compared to explosive acts like At The Drive In and post hardcore pioneers The Refused. Live is where we are most at home adds Darren, we strive to connect with our audience and bring out any kind of emotion. We would and have shed the blood sweat and tears on a nightly basis that so many fakers yell about to give our fans the best and hopefully incredibly moving show of their lives. When a kid tells you that you’ve made a difference is when the 10 hour overnight coffee fueled drives don’t seem so long afterall and when somehow your own life seems just a little more valuable!