Length Of Time
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  • "Vocals: Ives "Ross"
  • Guitar: Kirby
  • Bass: Vincent
  • Drums: Christian




...in only a few years time the Brussels' band, featuring Deviate/Arkangel's guitarist Kirby, has succeeded in making an envied name for themselves in the European metal and hardcore scene.
Since 1997 LOT has covered Europe and the rest of the world (USA, Iceland, Canada) supporting bands such as All Out War, Cold As Life, Biohazard and Morning Again, as well as played numerous festivals like Pukkelpop (B), Evilfest (UK), European HC Party (NL), Hellfest-Syracuse (USA), Superbowl of HC (F) and Goodlife Summer Fest (B).
On their first 3 albums their vision of the world is depicted as a dark and pessimistic universe, their ideas and lyrics clashing with the usual clichés and dreamers of the hardcore scene.
Length Of Time’s music is full of true background metal influences, allying with the sounds and the heavy weights of heavy metal, who are without mention Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains and other geniuses with obscure tendencies.
For 2003 Length Of Time puts their stamp on a style, which marks the end of a quiet year, spent preparing and recording their latest album "ANTIWORLD", which contains 10 tracks, exploring different themes, may it be utopia (rock 'n' roll, attitude, showbizz,...) or devastation (globalization, war, society,...), embracing each human being. "ANTIWORLD" stands for a symbol, well adjusted to our era, which we are free to define ourselves. The mixing and production was assigned to André GIELEN (Channel Zéro, Deviate, Asphyxia,...) and Philippe RENOTTE, who have captured the strength and freshness of LOT, available to them on one single, unique album "ANTIWORLD".