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Les 150 Passions Meurtrieres


KICKBACK is a Parisian outfit who plays a violent mixture of hardcore and metal. Back in 91, lead vocalist Stephen Bessac was looking for an outlet for his obsessions, as music seemed one valid direction, he integrated an already existing formation. He changed the name, set the tone and KICKBACK was born.
Originally influenced by the New York sound of bands such as BREAKDOWN, RAW DEAL, CRO-MAGS, CARNIVORE... his ultimate goal was definitely to push the boundaries further.
They released their first demo "the meaning of pain" in the end of 91 and then an EP "No one gets out alive".
In 1995, an opportunity in the form of a friend who was looking to sign bands for his new label, HOSTILE records, got them a two album deal. Shortly after, they went in studio to record their first full length : "Cornered". Produced by Jaimie Locke, it set the mood of what KICKBACK was going towards but the original members were too shy to fully embrace the concept and to follow the uncompromising path the band was destined to take.
" the days move along with regularity over and over again and suddenly there is change..."
It took a drastic change of line-up and the arrival of bassist Pascal Pastoré and guitar player Irvin Oziel, to take the sound into new territory.