Janez Detd.
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  • Vocals & Guitar: Bones
  • Guitar: Lennart
  • Bass: Joeri
  • Drums: Bram


Like Cold Rain Kills A Summer Day - US Only


  • Bleenies & Blockheads

    Janez Detd.

    Bleenies & Blockheads


Life has lost every certainty when even punk rock bands reach some point of maturity, one would think. Janez Detd. however managed to add a flavor of evolution to their shredding guitars and screaming out loud songs, while still assuring us of the kickin’ ass vibe we’ve always loved about them.
When it comes to melodic yet powerful punk rock from Europe you can't miss Janez Detd. They started out a decade ago at such a young age, that they already have a whole career as one of the best punk rock bands in Western Europe, but are still young, full of energy and eager to take on the rest of the world! In Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, Janez Detd. have achieved almost anything a punk rock band can desire: they've hit every single stage from the tiniest clubs to the biggest festivals, have a legion of loyal fans and topped the Belgian alternative charts for months in a row. They have also got massive airplay on music channels and received several MTV awards.
However, having provided 4 albums of musical wallpaper, brightening every room, they knocked us off our socks with their new album.
This new street they are walking is called ‘Killing me’. And this time they no longer walk it like the all cute little boys, but like grown men. It seems like they are taking it all one step beyond, exploring every border. Nikolas, in charge of vocals and lyrics says “to still be proud of the earlier songs, but to have outgrown the ‘teenmovielike’ fun and jokes. I mean, what more was there to say about tits and ass and all those other high school preoccupations? Songs with just a bit more substance were inevitable. At some point everyone knows the jocks kicked the shit out of you and you could never get the cheerleaders.”
Their previous record “Anti-Anthems” was an amazing success in Europe with 2 huge hit singles, “Raise Your Fist” & “Mala Vida”, an absolute classic.
Today the time has come to have the American Punk-scene discover Europe’s best kept secret. 14 of Janez Detd’s best songs (from both “Anti-Anthems” & “Killing Me”) on 1 amazing “must have” record. Questioning whatever stereotypes punk involves. We’re talking strings (violins, cello,…), ballads, …
Typecasting and labeling has never been their cup of tea, but now it seems that even growing up won’t refrain this foursome.