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  • Vocals: Odin
  • Guitar: Maurice
  • Bass: Boris
  • Drums: Igor


Crashing Into Better Days


  • First Time Around


    First Time Around


In June 1996 four friends who played in several local bands in Maastricht, Holland, formed Homethrust. The first rehearsal went really well, this means it went better than the average rehearsal of the other bands the members played in – a good reason to go on. They started writing old school hardcore songs with influences of punk, oi! and metal.
In November 1996 Homethrust had their first show with $400 Suits and Demon Joker Junior. After this show Homethrust played a lot of shows as support act of $400 Suits and Demon Joker junior in The Netherlands and Belgium.
In the mean while Homethrust kept on rehearsing and making new songs. Two of these songs they recorded for their first demo tape in December 1996. The reactions on this demo tape were generally positive which made Homethrust play more gigs in The Netherlands and Belgium. In summer of 1997 Homethrust recorded another two songs for the “M-Town Rebels II” compilation CD, also these songs got positive reactions.
When Right Direction reunited in 1997 Homethrust did most shows as their support act. In the mean while I Scream Records got interested in Homethrust. Homethrust signed I Scream Records and recorded their debut album at the Midas Studio (Belgium). The album was released in Europe June 1998 and later also in Japan. After the release of this full-length album called “First time around” Homethrust kept on doing what they liked to do; playing live and writing new songs. They played in pubs and clubs and at festivals (Raybeez Memorial, Sjock, European Hardcore Party II).
After quite a busy period the number of shows Homethrust played started to decrease, but that just gave them more time to write new songs. So they wrote a bunch of new songs and most of these songs they recorded for I Scream Records at the Hautregard Studio (Belgium) in October 2000. The result is called “Chrashin’ into better days” and is released in March 2001. With this album Homethrust proofed to be ready for more.
In the future Homethrust wants to go on playing and writing new material, still influenced by old school hardcore bands like Slapshot and Sheer Terror to punk rock bands like Descendents and Social Distortion and even metal bands like Iron Maiden. With the release of “Chrashin’ into better days” they hope to play more shows and maybe to cross the Dutch borderlines more often. Playing live is still what they like to do best, no matter where. They played some shows in Germany in, early 2001, for unexpected enthusiastic crowds. Check out their new album and go and see Homethrust live.