Down But Not Out
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  • Vocals: D-Nice
  • Guitar: Dockx
  • Guitar: Mike
  • Bass: Eric
  • Drums: Paki


Cemetery Confinement


Back in December 1993 Brussels skaters got together and started up a (little) project called Down But Not Out. These Punkrockers began composing songs and started to play concerts with bands like Avail, Congress, Crivits, NRA, Noisy Neighbours and their label Bro's Deviate.
After almost two years of riding all day and playing all night they recorded their first album "Cemetery Confinement". "Cemetery Confinement" is recorded at the Hautregard Studio's in Herve, Belgium and is produced by Mister André Gielen and co-produced by Laurens Kusters for I Scream Records.
From the manic opening strains of "Why Can't I Just Run Away" to the haunting finale of "Vicious Circle", "Cemetery Confinement" is the work of five youngsters who are down with eachother.
The maturity of the material on "Cemetery Confinement" represents a significant stage of Down But Not Out's artistic development.
A Punkrock band with many influences from Berkley East Bay Punkrock to New York attitude Hardcore.
After touring all over the place to promote their debut album "Cemetery Confinement" I Scream Records released a 7", in August 1996, with 4 brand new songs wich will apear on the new album due for release in 1997.
Make sure you don't miss these fine well educated young boys.