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  • Vocals: Owen
  • Guitars: Dev
  • Bass: Patrick
  • Drums: Richie Backfire!


Old Habits Die Hard


Determined was formed, when previous drummer Kasper Thijsen decided to leave Owen, Dev and Patrick´s previous band Negative Reinforcement. Immediately Rich from Backfire! was contacted to see if he was interested in taking his place. One week later Determined was formed and the band started rehearsing with new drummer Rich. Maurice from Right Direction heard about this stunning new band and signed them to his label Big Blue right away.
The band´s first show was the Raybeez Memorial Festival, where they played together with bands like 25 Ta Life, Vision, Backfire!, Right Direction, Discipline, Tech-9 and many others. Afterwards the band headed for Holland to play for shows there, followed by one show in Germany opening for 25 Ta Life, Backfire! And Right Direction. After this first impact, Determined started to work on material for their debut CD „Old Habits Die Hard“, set to be recorded in October 1998 in the Excess Studios in Rotterdam.
In less than 2 months the material for their debut was completed and so the band went to Rotterdam to record an aggressive combination of old school hardcore lead by melodic vocals. During the recordings they called upon the help of some friends to record the backing vocals, and so Danny (Deviate), Pat (Backfire!) and Rick (25 Ta Life, Commin´Correct) stepped in to give „Old Habits Die Hard“ some x-tra aggression.
Unfortunately, one month before the album was set to be released, drummer Richard took his own life. His friends, his bands and the entire hardcore scene will miss him very dearly.