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  • Vocals: Bert
  • Guitar: Ravi
  • Bass: Tom
  • Drums: Dries


The Passion Flow


  • 24/7




Years back, Jan (former guitar player) and Dries (drummer) met each other on the bus. They where both looking for a band to play in, so Dries invited him over to jam with his twin-brother Bert (vocals). Jan brought Dieter (bass) a long and so Convict was founded.
Shortly after their first gig Convict recorded a demo ("Against The Grain") which contained five songs.The demo was recorded at the house of their future guitarist (Bart). A lot of people where surprised after they heard this demo. The sound wasn't what was commonly expected from a regular hardcore band. It was melodic, fast and furious !!!
In August 1997 Convict released a second demo ("demo II"). This demo was recorded in the well-known Midas Studio in Lokeren (B). Shortly after Bart joined the band. Again most people where surprised hearing this kind of music. A lot of bands (Hard Resistance, Right Direction, …) invited Convict to join them at gigs.
In 1998 Dieter quit the band and Erik replaced him. At that time Maurice Gijsbers (guitarist Right Direction) got really interested in the band and wanted to sign them for his new label (Big Blue). In 1999 Convict released their first full-length album ("By All Means"). The record got really good critics all around (Aardschok Zine, Mindview, …) and Convict played a lot of gigs.
Unfortunately Big Blue called it quits before the record company even got properly started. Luckily for Convict, I Scream Records picked up the first album and was excited about if. Convict started rehearsing for their forthcoming album. It took us a while but here we are today, the album finally completed. It will be released by I Scream Records this summer right after the release of the first single “Passed Away”.
What to expect ???
Melodic tuning, metal breaks and rock 'n roll gears !!!