Awkward Thought
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  • Vocals: John
  • Guitar: Scott
  • Guitar: Rich
  • Bass: Joey
  • Drums: Alex


Ruin A Good Time


  • Mayday

    Awkward Thought



Awkward Thought was formed in the mid 1990's in the New York City. Mixing New York Hardcore with a classic punk sound, Awkward Thought’s first demo was widely
circulated in the New York area and abroad. In 1998 an Awkward Thought 7" on Nawpost\Back ta Basics records sold out two thousand copies in only one month. 1998
also saw Awkward Thought do a short European tour highlighted by playing the Raybeez memorial festival in the Netherlands.
In June of 2000 Awkward Thought had their first full length CD/LP titled "Mayday" released on I Scream records in Europe and Blackout records in the U.S.A. The release of “Mayday” was followed by extensive coast to coast U.S.A. touring including Mexico.
As a follow up to “Mayday”, Awkward Thought released the "Fear Not" CDep in 2001. “Fear Not” was released on Coretex records in Europe and was followed by broad European touring. Highlights included the fact that they played to a wide variety of audiences across Europe and Awkward Thought was the only band to play the Dour, Graspop, and Holidays In The Sun festivals in 2001.
After more USA touring, Awkward Thought were asked to travel back to the UK to play Holidays In The Sun festival 2002 in Blackpool England where they managed to play 12 shows in 2 weeks for a July 2002 tour of England that took place around the festival. Awkward Thought then also played the Holidays In The Sun USA East Coast festival in September 2002.
Awkward Thought released their second full length record titled “Ruin a Good Time” in October 2002 on I Scream records in Europe. This was followed by further European touring in the fall of 2002. March 2003 saw the release of “Ruin a Good Time” on Thorp records in the United States.
NYC's AWKWARD THOUGHT have held steadfast in the scene for years with their fast brand of hardcore/punk and their introspective, thought-provoking lyrical approach. AT has completed several tours and has aligned themselves strongly with the hardcore circuit
from which they were spawned, as well as the identifying themselves with the metal and punk scenes to which they share many commonalties. AT is one of those bands that attracts all types of kids under the banner of high-octane hardcore/punk with a furious
Awkward Thought have played hundreds of shows across the United States, Mexico, and Europe and have played with everybody from Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Warzone, Sheer Terror, etc., to bands like Conflict, GBH, Angelic Upstarts, The Business, Menace. If you go to an Awkward Thought show you?ll see mohawks, hoodies, straightedge and metalcore kids there.
Awkward Thought has also appeared on over a dozen compilation records and CDs including Blackout Records’ Punk Rock Jukebox and Our Own Way, as well as
I Scream Records’ Worldwide Tribute To Oi.