Tying Tiffany
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Brain For Breakfast


Tying Tiffany lives at the opposite emisphere of the honeyed famous film with which the young lady here shares the name. Her sound is made of strong tones,the ones she’s always loved, since she was travellin’ around Europe as bass player and vocal of underground bands with smashing names (Prek, Kyoto-Nua') and performed in rock clubs, social clubs and squat in front of a few dozens of people and she acts in some widely artistic films and theatrical performances .In 2005 she takes time for electronic music including the track “ You Know Me” in the “Full Body workout vol 2” for the prestious Berlin based label Get Physical .. Her debut album ”Undercover” released in 2005 is as strong as a “concept album”,an amazing essence of quotations: Moroder disco rides,wild synth arpeggio, clattering guitar riffs,hardcore and electro rhythmics straight from the 80’s and 90’s live together with Tiffany’s EBM past and with her passion for industrial,dark and punk. Undercover is highly acclaimed from press,public and media and becomes the Italian music phenomenon of 2006. She’s not only a good artist and musician but also an extraordinary performer with over 150 dates in this past year ,seeing her on stage in Italy and Europe with artists and names from the likes of Iggy Pop, Gogol Bordello, Pennywise, Buzzcocks, Stereo Total, The Rapture, Eels, Deus, Tiga, Alec Empire. Her second album “Brain For Breakfast” is due for international release in 2008 on I Scream records, the NY based label leader and home of the american hardcore punk