Token Entry
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  • Vocals: Timmy Chunks
  • "Guitar: Richie ""Stretch"" Acham"
  • Bass: Matt Citarella
  • Drums: Ernie Parada


The Re-Issues: 'Jaybird' & 'Weight Of The World'


In the mid to late 80's Token Entry was part of the New York Hardcore scene, but more importantly to me, they were part of the Queens hardcore scene. Along with such bands as Kraut, Antidote, Urban Waste, The Mob and Murphy's Law. They supported and nurtured other young bands, like the New York Hoods and Gorilla Biscuits. Token Entry practiced what it preached, and gave GB its first show at CBGB's. There endless support taught us to continue the tradition of helping the younger generations of bands. There fashion legacy lives on in the minds of the people who were there. Because you can never forget Johnny's mullet, Anthony's braided pony tail, and Nick's green Dr. martens with matching Benetton shirt.
Civ - Gorilla Biscuits

Sometimes in this day and age we live in-information comes at us so quick we can walk by something fantastic. This is why it's so crucial to resurrect these bands that made such an impact on so many kids lives. They weren't supported by MTV, commercial radio, glossy in store posters or listening booths. Most of the success that was created was by word of mouth due to the band being so dynamic on stage you had to tell a friend. Token Entry was such a band. I witnessed it all happen for them. Whether you were there or missed it this release will serve as chance to feel what was felt and appreciate one of the great NYC Hardcore bands that made a difference in so many peoples lives.
Ray Cappo - Youth Of Today

I moved to NY in 1988 to live with Timmy Chunks from one of my first NYHC bands I had ever heard.Token Entry were positive, melodic, they skated and were dope! H20 was inspired greatly by them. Way before their time. Timmy would wear knee pads on stage, that's fucking hardcore! On Weight Of World they even gave me a shout.. "watch toby sackflap! "NYHC Legends!
Toby Morse - H20

I think Token Entry still holds the record for the most hardcore matinees played at CBGB’s in NYHC’s heyday. That says a lot about the role these mainstays played in such an amazing scene, which was in itself an integral link in punk’s progression. As a kid growing up coming to so many of those shows, I quickly became a big fan, they were very approachable and I loved that never took themselves- or anything- too seriously. They helped define New York hardcore by being a huge part of it, while bringing their own unique version of things to the table. I was never straight edge, but who could not sing along to the sick breakdown in the “The Edge”?!
Bryan Kienlen - The Bouncing Souls