The Welch Boys
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  • Vocals: Ed Lalli
  • Guitar: T.J. Welch
  • Guitar: P.J. Dionne
  • Bass: Mark Powers
  • Drums: Sam


Drinkin' Angry


  • The Welch Boys

    The Welch Boys

    The Welch Boys


The Welch Boys, a five member band from Boston, were formed in 2004 by the guitarist, and founding member of The Blue Bloods, T.J. Welch. Other band members include Ed Lalli on vocals (also plays guitar for Slapshot), Mark Powers on bass, P.J. Dionne on lead guitar, and Ron Holbrrok on drums.
The Welch Boys write short, catchy, and powerful songs that emphasize sing along choruses and aggressive guitar playing. They have a sound that is firmly rooted in the punk rock legacy of their hometown, yet unique enough to set themselves apart. Lyrically, they tackle a wide variety of subjects that convey the struggles of working class life.
In 2005 they released their debut self titled CD. The band worked with the legendary producer Jim Siegel (The Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood, The Unseen). This album garnered great critical acclaim, and vaulted them to the forefront of the legions of great punk bands from Boston. They went on to play and tour with bands like The Dropkick Murphys and The Dead Kennedys.
In 2007, the band was set back when their original drummer, Ron Holbrook passed away. They played a memorial concert to raise money for Ron's children on October of 2007, enlisting the help of other bands from Boston. After that, they soldiered on, recruiting a talented replacement drummer named Steve Maffeo.
Over the course of the next year, The Welch Boys concentrated on recording and writing the songs that would make up their second disc, titled "Drinkin’ Angry", again recorded with producer Jim Siegel. "Drinkin' Angry” turned out to be darker, and more politically charged than the first disc. They take on difficult themes like child abuse, warfare, terrorism, and struggle with addiction. The songs are the product of a turbulent period in the band's life, and this aspect gives the material depth. They build upon the anthemic street punk of the debut disc, and surpass it. The band is angrier, tighter, perhaps a a bit jaded, but most importantly, triumphant,....and that is what you will hear in the music.