The Heartaches
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  • Vocals: Tommy X
  • Guitar: Sammy
  • Guiatr: 73
  • Bass: Joey UK
  • Drums: Dynamite


Move On


When Tommy & Sam joined their forces back in 1999, all they wanted to do, was play music together, punkrock music... . With no expectation whatsoever & just a couple of songs, they invite anyone possible to join their band (called “Take Warning”, back then), but it takes ‘till longlife friend Joe joins them on drums for them to feel that certain chemistry necessary...a new band’s born: The Heartaches. After their first show at Belgium’s N° 1 punkrock venue ‘t Lintfabriek (a second home for them), things start going fast. In a very DIY fashion a 5 song-democassette gets recorded & they get to play on a regular base.
After a year of playin’ tons & tons of shows, bassplayers to come & go, Bram joins them on guitar, incontestable a decision that takes their music to another level, a demo-CD gets recorded & sold massif. It takes them ‘till the summer of 2002 to get a release on a label, the German label “People like you” releases a split-CD with their friends “The Forgotten”, on the sad hand they have to let go their bassplayer Sven... . Joey UK joins the band just a few months before them recording their first full length “Lunacy & Devastation”, a recording session they’ll never forget. Kerry Martinez (US BOMBS) produces the thing, guides them trough, makes the record what it is, a blessing for the band... .
In 2004 they sign to the Belgian “I Scream Records” & a new album is set for release in June 2004.
For almost 5 years now these Antwerp City Runts’ve been doing their thing, playin’ every show possible, in order to satisfy that unstoppable feeling, the urge to play music. No compromises, like it or leave it...punkrock straight out of the heart. They write songs by the mile, they sell shirts like motherfuckers & probably got the most loyal & different crowd ever. The future is unwritten, but it sure’s got a place for The Heartaches.