Stars & Stripes
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  • Vocals: Jack Kelly
  • Guitar: Tim Gilles
  • Guitar: Chris Lauria
  • Bass: Linda Bean-Pardee
  • Drums: Mark McKaye


One Man Army


Choke (singer for Slapshot) has a football hooligan hiding deep down inside him. And that hooligan only surfaces when Choke is playing with his other band Stars & Stripes, with whom he released “Shaved For Battle” years ago. After Slapshot put out “Digital Warfare” recently, it seems like Choke was ready for another adventure with Stars & Stripes, so that’s how “One Man Army” was born. Musically it’s still catchy oi and punk rock, or as they say in football: never change a winning team. Once again Stars & Stripes managed to release an album that doesn’t sound as aggressive as the song titles make you believe.
Stars & Stripes are still considered to be one of the classic American Oi/Punk bands.