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  • Vocals: Marco
  • Guitar: Dre
  • Guitar: Gerard
  • Bass: Dave
  • Drums: Dennis




  • Old School Warriors


    Old School Warriors


Risen from the ashes of Holland’s Eurocore pioneers VIOLATION OF TRUST, Payback originated in the summer of 2000 when Koen (guitar) and Marco (vocals) decided to go on spreading the hardcore reality after V.O.T. had quit. Joining forces with Dennis (drums) and Dré (guitar) from the talented hardcoreband OUTLAW and Robert on bass member of TECH 9, the band started playing gigs with friends like Discipline & Backfire but also with international acts like Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All and Terror.
Within two years the band recorded a demotape, contributed a track on Onno Cro-Mag’s RESPECT YOUR ROOTS cd and released the split cd called NEW LEAGUE OF HARDCORE for IScreamrecords.
OLD SCHOOL WARRIORS was their first full length recorded back in 2004, released on UScreamrecords. Check the 14 old school hardcore tracks, also featuring Pat (Backfire) Joost (Discipline) on backing vocals. This promising album got good reviews in magazines like Aardschok/Metal Hammer as well in the underground scene.
After some line-up changes, the band started writing new material with new member Gérard (guitar), who joined the band after LINE OF DEFENSE had quit. Finally the new line-up is complete with former Line of Defense bass player Dave, who also joined the band.
This line-up plays aggressive oldschool hardcore with straight in ya face breakdown parts but more compact and heavy sounding than ever before. Their forthcoming album ULTRAVIOLENT features a spitfire of 12 furious hardcore tracks and a covertune of the mighty Motorhead. Payback recorded at The Studio (B) and ULTRAVIOLENT is mastered by Alan Douches in NY City ( Madball) This album will be released in June by IScreamrecords.
Payback always lives up to the reputation of being an energetic and entertaining live-band, so be sure to keep in touch with Payback live, on the internet, in the magazines or at your local music store! Just listen to the new track “Fuel my Hate” on Myspace and you will certainly know what to expect when you book Payback at your venue: HAAAAARDCORE!