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Suburban Royalty


If it hadn’t been for what happened that night, the first one would probably never have been found. The second one was more obvious and the third almost expected. Sometimes everything just seems so random, twelve stumbling steps and then comes the fall. I know they are still waiting for the fourth… let’s keep them waiting for a little while longer. After all it’s the waiting that keeps them alive…
…This is the prologue for “The Deer Moss Murders”, the new album from Swedish West Coast based hardcore-punk band The Change. The message in the music and lyrics is an attempt to make you want to create a disorder in the system that is focused on making us stand in line and to fit in a mold created to keep things in order. “The Deer Moss Murders” is a slap in the face and a reminder that everything actually isn’t fine.
With “The Deer Moss Murders” The Change takes their genre to another level. The music can be uncompromisingly raw, but with their well refined melodies, influenced by bands like At The Drive-In, Hotsnakes and AFI, The Change have the opportunity to approach a broader audience.
The Change is a Punkrock band from Sweden, with a sound and soul rooted in the attitude/revolution of hardcore-punk. They offer an alternative to the mainstream industry and most underground music presented today. The will to oppose a threat will always be greater than the strive for success... Are you up for The Change?!
The Change was formed in the Summer of 2003 in a small Swedish town in an area called the deer moss. The band was meant to be what the name was… a way to try and make a change, to never compromise with their ideals and to create something positive both on a personal and global level.
Since the first album in 2004 The Change have gone through really good times and received great reviews on both records and live shows.
After successful touring and a lot of great shows opening for bands like The Hellacopters, AFI, The Bronx and The Sounds, The Change have gained a reputation of being a world-class live band, winning hearts and breaking heads wherever they’ve been.