Mark Lind
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  • Vocals & Guitar: Mark Lind
  • Guitar: Jeff Morris
  • Bass: Mike Savitkas
  • Drums: Jason Messina


Death Or Jail


Mark Lind has spent the last 10 years of his creative life telling the truth. As the creative force behind Boston's Ducky Boys, it would seem that he swore an oath not only to his fans but to himself to be as up front about not only the way he feels but what life does to us all at one time or another. Songs with themes ranging from loyalty and friendship to pain, heart ache and loneliness, Lind never pulls any punches and always tells the hardest truths.
The Ducky Boys, Dirty Water, and Sinners and Saints all bare the undeniable mark of Lind's trademark song writing, purpose and honesty. Unlike some he's not just yelling for the sake of hearing his voice or rebelling against mommy and daddy, he has something to say and it's actually worth hearing. Having survived 10 years in Boston's punk scene he has emerged as one of the premier song writers having never imitated himself and continuously evolving into a better craftsman or lyric and song. His last creative effort Death or Jail marks a new era for Lind where he tackles new themes with even greater talent and a better understanding of not only song writing but himself as well. Lind is a poet and philosopher of the human condition cut from the same cloth as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Paul Westerberg.
Its horrible but true that we live in an age dominated by soulless performers singing and selling un-original garbage. Lind is a beacon of promise in this wasteland of recycled rock and lest than stellar pop music. Its true that some people like what's going on in the music industry today, but its also true that there are people out there that crave something more, something better. What they crave is something with purpose something that meets a previously established standard of truth and meaning, for those people there is Mark Lind.