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  • Vocals: Karl
  • Vocals: Mad Joe
  • Guitar: Richie
  • Guitar: Mav
  • Drums: Battle


Whatever It Takes


What can ya say about Krutch, they are a true hardcore band. For over ten years they released song after song, played show after show, earning the respect of anyone who heard them, never asking for shit. Since releasing their very first song in 1989 "Our Thing", their classic demos in 1993 and 1995 "Stand Strong, Stand Alone" and "Wheruat", The legendary split release on BTB that same year "Krutch/Surrounded", the "Brotherhood/Sisterhood" CD on RPP, the 9 song CD
Titled "Now The Tables Turn" on BTB, then the "Krutch/Feeble" split 7, another split 7’ with the French act Stormcore, the great selling "Our Thing, The Mafia Years 89/99" CD on Cartel Records from Finland, which includes all the hard to find great songs, as well as some new, the CD split with BFL Brothers No Retreat on Thornz rec., and the innovative full length "I’ll See You In Hell".
After all these releases, and the dealings with different labels, bands and clubs. After going through all the member changes, all the fights and the rumors, they survived. And they live to tell about it in their 2001 I Scream Records release "Whatever It Takes". This full length will bring you to corners and alley ways in hardcore that you never thought existed, Krutch’s true story lyrics are as sad as they are uplifting. The music covers nearly all the bases of hardcore, the punk influence, the easy to hear metal intentions, the hip hop vibe, and of course Krutch’s classic old school style. The lyrics are as diverse as the music, covering topics from wall to wall.
"Whatever It Takes" is easily their best and most diverse release in the history of this band. Their teaming up with I Scream Records will give them more exposure then they have ever received, one way or another "Whatever It Takes" will change the way people look at this music we call hardcore.