Jaya The Cat
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  • Vocals & Guitar: Geoff
  • Guitar: Pocket
  • Bass: Steven
  • Keyboards & Bass: Jan Jaap
  • Drums: The Germ


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These alley-cats from Boston (U.S.) have a career that is as distinctive as is their musical style. They have been strikingly described as Boston’s answer to Joe Strummer’s call to arms, playing an integrated combination of dub, ska, rock steady guitars, the odd touch of metal, and a resultant sound best described as ‘punk reggae’. Lyrically, the band hits home with songs concerning the issues of day to day living combined with outright critique on politics. In a nutshell: Jaya The Cat embody the integrity, passion, and attitude that define punk rock and reggae.
Jaya's career has run an unusual course since the band's formation in the mid 1990’s in Massachusetts. They started out playing at keg-parties and local clubs for short money and beer, then moved out to California in 1997 to check out the west coast music scene. Alas, the the high rents and lack of housing avalible in San Francisco in the late 90's turned out to be more than the band was prepared to deal with, and Jaya was put on indefinite hold. In the spring of 2000, Geoff Lagadec and Dave Smith scraped up some cash, booked a weekend at the ‘Slaughterhouse Studios’, put together a rhythm section and ended up cutting 10 tracks under the guidance of producer Mark Allen Miller. A short time later, and back in Boston, the Cats hooked up with ‘Gold Circle Records’ (who signed the band without ever having seen them). Joined by Ben Murphy on bass and ex-Shadows Fall drummer David "the Germ" Germain, the release of their debut album “Basement Style” was a fact, and tracks like ‘Are You With Me’ hit main radio stations across the US like K-Rock and WFNX - Boston.
In support of the release Jaya went on to tour successfully through the United States. Noteworthy are their gigs at the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ infamous ‘Hometown Throwdown’ and a leg of the renowned ‘Vans Warped Tour’ between July and September 2001. The summer of 2002 saw them in Europe performing at major festivals like ‘Pukkelpop’ and ‘Lowlands’, followed by a extensive club tour that fall.
After the demise of ‘Gold Circle Records’, and in light of the recently booked successes in Europe, Jaya The Cat signed to ‘4Tune Records’ in Amsterdam and returned to ‘Slaughterhouse Studios’ for a second full-length album. Shortly after the release of “First Beer of a New Day” in the Netherlands, Ben Murphy and Dave Smith exited the band leaving Geoff and The Germ behind: not that this setback slowed Jaya down. The band relocated to Amsterdam and have since recruited an international pool of friends to fill the job of bass and lead guitar. It is safe to say the Cats have rocked the stage non-stop since their arrival in Europe. The release tour and the countless shows since have been played with guest musicians such as Jan Jaap Onverwagt and Brian Tjon Ajong (bass player and guitarist for the Dutch rock band Green Lizard), Alejandro Londoño Montoya, (Agresión, Cultura Tres), Jordi Nieuwenburg (ex-Wealthy Beggar and Nederlands air-guitar champion), Steven Brautigam (Cropduster) and most recently Yanko Brekov (Artery). The album and the single ‘Final Solution’ were critically acclaimed by music magazines all over Europe, and a number of the songs where featured in skate/snowboard videos produced by companys such as Freeride and Matchstick Productions. They have also appeared in a number of independent films as well as the synicated television drama "The Shield".
In 2004 the band released a live CD/LP dubbed “Ernesto’s Burning”. The album was recorded during a show at Ernesto’s in Sittard, the Netherlands where notable bands such as The Slackers and 50 Foot Combo have recorded shows for live releases in the past. Hooking up with local bookers and agencies abroad, Jaya has hit the boards in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, playing countless clubs and summer festivals like the ‘Burgberg Festival’ (on the ruins of a medieval castle), Austria's‘Weissenfest’ , the ‘Virus Festival’ in Eindhoven in 2005, and the popular ‘DutchSka Festival’ in February 2006. Since their move to the Netherlands, the band has shared stages with the likes of Shortbeach Longbus, The Slackers, NOFX, Manu Chao, received airplay on the main Dutch radio-/ and television stations, and played most of the core podia the country has to offer.
Throughout 2006, the Cats have been hammering away on new songs for a third studio album as well as expanding their live show to include keyboards and an onstage bartender / percussionist. When not on the road, the band has been in and out of ‘Source Studios’ in The Hague, cutting new tracks under the guiding ear of producer Oscar Bor. Once again Jaya The Cat has written an album that's a guaranteed good time, brimming with spirited party anthems, and politically fueled punk songs that lyrically reflect both their lives in Europe and the state of the world today.