Far From Finished
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  • Vocals: Steve Neary
  • Guitar: Rob Guidotti
  • Guitar: Paul Christian
  • Bass:
  • Drums: Marc Cannata


East Side Of Nowhere


Far From Finished was started from common teenage angst. Four kids joined together in an effort to escape society and indulge in debauchery. Music develops on its own and it eventually spawned into five guys within the city of Boston making their dreams come true.
From Bar to Ballroom, Far From Finished has graced the stage with the finest acts of yesterday and today. Hailing from various parts of the Northeast including: Boston, New York, and Atlantic City, Far From Finished comes at you with straight ahead punk rock from beneath a dark street light.
The band has recently recorded their debut album, “East Side of Nowhere”, for the legendary GMM Records and I Scream Records. Fresh off of the recording process the band sees a very a near future of relentless touring including the Continental U.S. and any other part of the world that can be reached by plane or boat.
A perfect combination of both the old and the new, Far From Finished is made up of three young lads, Steve Neary, Marc Cannata, and Brian Gay and two veterans, Paul Christian and Rob Guidotti. “Rob and Paul bring so much experience to the table. It’s something so valuable to a young band.” (S. Neary) Christian, a guy born and raised in the Boston scene knows all of the pitfalls, as well as all of the benefiting qualities. Guidotti, a musical nomad, has done stints with countless bands in the states as well as Europe, and was the founding member, as well as the chief songwriter of now famed Boston band, the Street Dogs. “It’s rare these days to find a group of guys that have this much fun touring, recording and making writing seam effortless.” (R. Guidotti)
Eastside of Nowhere, the debut CD from Far From Finished, is a modern punk rock record unlike anything heard this decade. Ten fist-pumping, bomb-dropping tracks that deliver honesty and integrity in a day where crap is readily available at your local record store. Finally, an album that fights back.
With an endless horizon of opportunities and anxious listeners, they truly are…
Far From Finished.