Fabulous Disaster
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  • Vocals: Lynda Mandolyn
  • Guitar: Squeaky
  • Bass: Lizzie Boredom
  • Drums: Sally Disaster


Love At First Fight


Fabulous Disaster formed in San Francisco in 1998, and like their music, the band worked fast to release their first album “Pretty Killers” in 1999. But it was the band’s signing to Fat Wreck Chords/Pink and Black in 2000 that got them worldwide recognition with their sophomore album “Put Out or Get Out” in 2001, with the incredible riffs and melodies you hear on hyper-speed fan favorites such as “Gia” and “Down the Drain” that put this awesome foursome in a league of their own.
Touring heavily in the US, Europe, Canada and Japan, they quickly earned their own legion of fans world wide while appearing with major acts such as NOFX, The Ataris, Mad Caddies and the Dickies to name a few.
In 2003, Fab D released “Panty Raid!” which earned them additional respect as one of the foremost, hardest working bands in their genre. Described by some as an intriguing mixture of the Go-Go’s meets the Buzzcocks, one thing was for certain, they were creating their own kick ass niche in the realm of punk rock!
In 2004 they released their ep “I’m a Mess” as a trio, which showcased their amazing new line-up chemistry both live and in the studio. Successful tours of Europe and the states followed.
In 2007, with a brand new contract signed to I Scream Records, Fabulous Disaster will release their first full length cd in three years. With new songs such as “Such a Stupid Girl” and Final Stab, the Fab Four is now once again complete and ready to kick ass in a town near you!