Enemy Rose
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  • Vocals: Tommy X
  • Guitar: Sammy Dimera
  • Guitar: Spinal Steve
  • Bass: Ponzy
  • Drums: Sugar Martellotto


Promisses We'll Never Keep


  • And To Become One - split with Mercy Killers

    Enemy Rose

    And To Become One - split with Mercy Killers


Nowadays rock'n'roll has lost most of it's colours - spirit and authenticity and traded it in for a ticket to five minutes of fame. When most bands are only looking for the right outfit and worry bout the songs later , we are pleased to announce the coming of ENEMY ROSE! There is something exciting bout their mix of classic rock'n'roll such as CCR or The Stones with the faceslapping energy of the early NYC punkbands like Dead Boys and the Dolls or even Iggy and The Stooges. I've always loved bands like the Ramones or The Clash and the fact that they looked like a gang and that's pretty much what we are , says Tommy X (who also sings for The Heartaches as well as Sammy Dimera who plays guitars) What originally started as a project has developed into a tight devastating band that takes no prisoners , as proven on their last tour with the Backyard Babies.So far they have released a split album with the Mercy Killers on I Screm Records and their debut full length - which was produced by US Bomb Kerry Martinez also renounced lead singer guitarist for the Bad Luck Charms - entitled "PROMISES WE'LL NEVER KEEP" is due for february 2008 and is sure to go down very well in those countries that embrace their history of ROCK'N'ROLL!!! Keep your eyes open and beware of the enemy coming your way!
The Rose